basically i seem to have a problem completing the software side of the hardware unlock. the back cover is off, the two wires are soldered ready to go...

just having problems getting to grips with the software side. i hva enow spent 3 full nights trying to get it up and running with no luck.

i have now restored the phone in itunes ready to go again.... then i thought i would see if anyone wanted to make some money and do the software side for me for a price.

i could send the iphone opened to you with the wires attached, complete with switch, someone could unlock it for me and return it. i would then put it back together, i'm finally happy and someone will make some money.

looking to find someone in the UK to do this i pay shipping both ways and say 80 to perform the unlock.

if anyone is interested please get in touch... this thing is driving me mad....

Thanks alot