Hi to the Dev Team

I know you must get 1000s of emails, but so what, I wanted to say thankyou.

I followed this saga since the day before GeoHot's hardware unlock, I was on holiday in Maui Hawaii, and on the way back, on a layover at LAX, i saw your site (and the dev team wiki) and decided to go to Santa Monica in a cab to get an iPhone before my plane left!

Apple store gal said I was nuts... I'm from London.

Your site and your work on explaining the whole damn thing is a work of amazing dedication. Amazing skill and drive. Hats off to you. Seriously, the info you have distilled got me unlocked tonight.

I used http://iphone.unlock.no/ as well as your stuff and after some nerves, I unlocked via iNdependence and then the terminal instructions not the beta app. (Hard Core!) For me, this is incredible. I am a graphic designer, not a programmer!

Your instructions not just today but since I was on vacation have got me up the learning curve.

I want to buy you a beer.

I'm sending you half the iphonesimfree cost and the other half to Mark at www.hacktheiphone.com, which I thought was just a brilliant resource, complementing you guys brilliantly.

You're all geniuses in my book. Congratulations.

Get some sleep!