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Discuss LAST RESORT: Downgraded baseband = bricked iphone at the General -; Ok guys this is my last resort. hope someone can help, or at the very ...
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    Default LAST RESORT: Downgraded baseband = bricked iphone

    Ok guys this is my last resort. hope someone can help, or at the very least, I hope this message will inform others so that they do not brick their phones.

    iPhone is a 3G, with os4.1 and baseband 05.24.02 (iirc)

    I have successfully jailbroken the unit, however when I proceeded to unlock the unit, things got ugly.

    First i downloaded fuzzyband from cydia, in order to downgrade the baseband version and then unlock the phone to all networks.

    Fuzzyband downloaded fine, I ran the program from the winterboard, phone reboots. upon reboot the phone is stuck in an emergency call screen. a popup message says "restore needed. iphone cannot make or recieve calls. restore from itunes" information button says: IMEI: Unknown ICCID: Unknown.

    If i open itunes an error message comes up saying "Itunes could not connect to the iphone because it is locked with a password"

    I did have a password on it before which I remember, the problem is there is no option to enter a password, ive even tried changing the sim card to no avail.

    If i enter into recovery mode the phone will show the connect to itunes logo for a couple of seconds then restart.

    I can enter into DFU mode, itunes detects it correctly in which case i proceed to restore the phone. during the restore itunes gets as far as "preparing iphone for restore", then during this process the apple logo appears, the phone boots back up into emergency mode and an itunes pop up menu displays "Itunes could not connect to the iphone because it is locked with a password"

    ive tried the standard firmware, ive tried using different firmware via shift clicking restore yet I get the same result every time

    My diagnosis is a corrupt baseband / modem rom in which case I would need to enter into the iphones file system and make the necessary amendments.

    I however am not an expert and cannot confirm that this is the problem with the phone and do not know how to modify such a file..

    Does anyone know how to repair the phone?
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    You have described two, maybe three different problems - publish a restore log and we can start helping you (although, the corrupted baseband might not be fixable - we can of course try)
    Please read the stickies & search forum before posting!
    How to report an iTunes restore/update fail in a useful manner

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