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Discuss kismac? (yeah, I know it won't work, just philosophing here...) at the General -; Hi, While reading this in MetalRat's post : 3. Don't Demand Software: Getting cross because ...
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    Default kismac? (yeah, I know it won't work, just philosophing here...)


    While reading this in MetalRat's post:

    3. Don't Demand Software:

    Getting cross because Apple didn't ship the iPhone you bought (even though you knew what you were buying) with Microsoft Office, a DVD burner and a Flight Simulator doesn't mean you get the right to absolutely insist that some developers (who tend to be hobbyists) should do IT NOW DAMMIT.

    A quick rule of thumb: If you can't see it in the or haven't seen it mentioned anywhere in google. It probably hasn't been developed yet. If its popular, and isn't a feature that it almost certainly going to be included in the next-but-one firmware, then its likely that a developer would have noticed this and may have started porting, or developing it.

    A word of advice: Its unlikely that offering your VB programming skills (no matter how Uber they are) is going to get even the most excitable of coders all fired up.
    I thought of something (not kidding, first thing I thought of when I saw that title )... How great would it be if KisMAC ran on an iPhone. Would be the first "cheap" portable wep cracking device!

    Though of course it'll be hard, packet injection isn't supported by Apple's "airport cards" so I don't think that it'll work on the iphone card (though I didn't check anything when it comes to specs of the wifi card, Apple doens't give any specific specs), and I absolutely don't know how hard it is to port a program to an iPhone (so I'm not offering any VB skills since I don't have any...)

    But I know that stumbler is working, so maybe it's easy to port a program like kismac. Maybe you guys already thought about it, maybe not, I just wanted to share the idea.

    EDIT: Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, didn't realize I was in the general forum.... If an admin who finds this interesting enough to move could move the post, do't want to crosspostspam...

    EDIT2: Sorry, I see that this has already been posted, google isn't finding anything....
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