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Discuss Keep losing my music at the General -; I have a 1stGen 8gb on 2.0.2 winpwn'd 2.5 and am experiencing something that is ...
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    Default Keep losing my music

    I have a 1stGen 8gb on 2.0.2 winpwn'd 2.5 and am experiencing something that is a real pain. I keep losing my music files, everything that is in the ipod just disappears like it was never there, So far I've restored 4x to get the ipod functionality back. There doesn't seem to be an real rhyme or reason to it either, it occurs at different times with different softwares, both from places like cydia and from the app store. There has to be something I can do via ssh or sftp that will fix this for me without having to resort to restore #5. Is this an issue in 2.0.2 or is it winpwn or cydia or..... does anyone have any ideas and or is anyone else experienceing this or is it just my phone. I need some help please.

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    Well, the 2.1 Firmware is supposed to fix this bug

    I had this same problem.

    The way I fixed it was ..
    1) Remove all applications from iTunes.
    (Back them up somewhere)
    2) Add only the applications you want to sync to the iPhone in iTunes.
    3) Sync ALL the applications in iTunes with the iPhone.

    In essence, dont have 200+ Apps in iTunes and then sync only 40.

    Also, upgrade to iTunes 8, its a lot more stable. Its never crashed for me once since I upgraded.



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