Hi.. I'm kinda new here.
Well.. You can skip this part if you want

I have just downgraded my iPhone from FW 2.0 back to FW 1.1.4. Firstly, I got a problem and I don't really like it, I receive new sms from someone, it never notify me til the second message which my phone just hangs there for a while til I notice. Then I notice I have 2 new messages, tapped on the SMS icon, loaded and it just brings me back to the desktop(Springboard?). Tried restarting phone, still doesn't work. Since its still kinda buggy so I don't bother to reformat my phone again to FW 2.0.
I followed a few steps from iclarified til my phone got stucked where the phone only shows a plug pointing to iTunes. I can't restore it, so I used iLiberty+ to install the FW 1.1.4 into my phone. Before it starts the installation, it says there my phone is not under [what mode that I forgot], to Bootramdisk(If I am not mistaken), press OK. So I just clicked OK. It brings my phone to the factory settings(Where we can only make emergency calls).

Here's the part where worries me.

When I tried to install iLiberty+ into my iPhone, it loads.. til one part stated
"Wrong bootneuter [version of the bootneuter I think]
Abort in 10 seconds.."
Or something like that.
After that part, it just installs like usual.

Question1: Do I have to do something about it? Will it spoil my phone in someway?

Here's the little annoying part

On my Installer app, when I want to browse for the app I want, there's no search bar on top on any category. I have hundreds of apps and I need to scroll alot just to find the app I want. Unlike before I upgraded to FW 2.0, my FW 1.1.4 installer works perfectly. Search bar on top etc

Question2: How can I get my search bar back? Its very annoying to scroll all the way down through hundreds of apps just to install one simple thing.

Please help me! Thanks!