Hi there, for months I've seen how much time and effort this dev team has put into hacking this phone/iPod and I bow to them, no words can describe your awesome work.

My question was about the neverending dillema in the open vs closed source securities: you find a nice bug, do you release the exploit to the wild, or do you keep it closed so that it takes longer to be corrected? Do you share your hacks with people that for the most part (like me) won't understand, or just release a closed final hack.

I don't want to advocate anything here, it's the dev's team work, and it's their choice to do whatever they want, but I'm just a little curious since I thought these issues were solved internally in the dev Team a long time ago, and that they had decided to just release everything as soon as it was coded/found, the idea was that the community effort was more important than personal egoes (I guess).

Anyhow, in these last few weeks, we've seen these issue of banning of people of the IRC channel, some other groups posting virginizer, threads dissapearing from Hackint0sh (again, the mods here can do whatever they think is best, I'm just surprised that this is more notably now than before).

Or things like the Ramdisk keys? did the team release how they found them? I understand that Apple may patch the bug, but again, would the dev team have acted the same a couple of months ago?