by mistake i've been into recovery mode while am actually using FW 2.0 PWNED with PWNAGETOOL over MAC.

i've tried nearly every application out there to kick it out, and it doesnt find the phone, so i searched for the iTunesMobileDevice and y people had to get iTunes 7.7 to use the 2.0 FW. and i found that iTunesMobileDevice.dll has changed and the normal parameters used arent the same anymore. for now i tried the traditional iphoneinterface with the new dll and i've been able to discover the Phone and put it into recovery, but not kick it out or enter DFU (i guess apple made some changes there)

Am currently restoring my iPhone so that i can get it running.
Am a developer but i havent been able to know how to use the iTunesMobileDevice.dll yet into my applications. if you can help me it would be nice helping out some others who might be in my case!