I have iTunes

I even uninstalled and downloaded again from Filehippo and reinstalled but same problem.

When I put my iPhone in restore mode, itunes recognizes it, then asks to restore.
I click the restore button, and then an itunes window pops up saying it will restore to 1.02 firmware.

Several weeks ago, I followed an unlock guide for a 1.02 phone. It stated that in order to remain safe from an automatic upgrade to 1.1.1 (before there was an unlock), I must edit an itunes update file on my computer. I edited this file by adding an extra line to the bottom of the file (can't remember the wording) instructing iTunes to search locally for an update file and not on the Apple server.

Now, I don't remember which file I edited. I'm believe that this file is not replaced when I uninstall iTunes and then install a fresh iTunes.

Does anyone know the file I am referring to or know of a restore 1.1.1 file (similar to the 1.02 restore file that people use to downgrade)??

Thanks for your help.