Hi I've looked all over the web and just can't find anything on this. I recently updated my jailbroken 3gs to 3.1.2 using a downloaded firmware. Everything works fine except I can't sync photos from my pc to my phone. Itunes says there's 51 photos on my iphone but when I go into photos there's no "Photo Library" only the camera roll. I've tried changing the photos location to be synced in itunes but it doesn't do anything on the iphone. I've tried removing the photos from sync altogether in itunes and while it then shows the phone as having no photos, as soon as I enable a folder to sync again it shows those 51 photos. I am not sure where that number is coming from. I've ssh'd into the phone and there is nothing in ~/Media/Photos/Thumbs

Is the problem with my itunes library file itself, or do I need to do something on the phone??