iTunes Version 10.6.3
iPod OS Version before update 4.3.3
7/XP I've been using two computers to try and fix this on

I had lost my iPod Touch 4G for about 10 months, after I had finally found it about 3 days ago everything was a mess. The date and time were wrong so I couldn't update or do anything with it so I decided to reset everything from the iPod options itself. After doing that I figured I might as well upgrade to iOS 5 since most things still were not working such as my apps and what not. So I plugged it in and tried restoring to iOS 5.1.1 and it did not work. I've had several errors such as Error 3194, and error 21. So instead of restoring I thought I would try the update option. Since restore was not working from the start and everytime I tried to restore I got an error saying that the ios 5.1.1 download was corrupted from iTunes so I downloaded the ipsw online. I pressed shift and restore, that didnt work, I pressed shift and update and I had left it like that for about 2-3 hours and the iPod had made no progress so I had took it out. After I took it out my iPod got stuck in a Recovery loop, I tried all the programs to get it out of it such as TinyUmbrella, iReb and what not. But nothing worked to get it out of the recovery loop, now the iPod is basically useless and iTunes wont let me restore it, I even tried ipsw 4.3.5, and 4.3.8 I looked online on how to fix the Itunes errors such as 3194, and 21 by editing the host file and that didn't work at all and if I didn't get error 3194 or 21 I would get error 1600, 1604 which is an error that says I have to put it in PWNED DFU mode before i try to restore which i always did and whenever I did that I would end up getting 1 error or another like 3194 in most cases. Please help!