Hey guys, I'm having a some issues with my ipod touch.
At first it started with not charging through usb and not even being detected by pc or itunes through usb. So i bought a couple of new usb cables and still the same thing. then i bought a wall charger and it won't charge through it either. so i forgot about it a while and after some days i grabbed it again and the battery was drained, the ipod was shut down, so i plugged it in and voila, it started showing the red battery and the power volt as it was charging, and after a few minutes it turned on but when it's on the same problem it doesn't charge or connect via usb. so i thought it's a software issue and tried entering recovery mode and dfu mode but it won't enter either of them. when i turn it off, and you know to get it in recovery you have to hold power + home buttons down for 10sec and then release the power button just before the apple logo appears, but my problem is the apple logo immediately appears right after i press the power button, it doesn't take even a second.
So please, if anyone has any idea i would appreciate it very much, because I'm just clueless right now.