I have 390 songs on a playlist, and around 300 of them are tagged with perfect tags and album art. They show up fine on itunes, but when I go into the iPod on the iphone, the songs towards the end don't show album art at all, or they show album art for the wrong song.

I'm running the 1.01 FW. I didn't update because I have installer.app installed, as well as many other applications which will be a pain to reinstall and some to reconfigure again (ssh, apollo, mobilechat, etc..)

I have tried restarting the iphone and I still get the same error. This just started today when I synced 2 more songs. I have 1.4gb left, and 100mb left (that's what installer.app says)

I really don't want to restore the iphone and reinstall all my custom icons, apps, etc..

Does anyone have a solution to my problem?