Looks like iphonesimfree can't be bothered with journalists anymore. They have removed the contacts link for "press" from their contacts page - just "wholesale" and "info" now. Also, seems their favourite scribes at engadget can't get hold of them to confirm the u-turn on individual retail sales. Engadget said this morning: "We're still awaiting word back from the iPhoneSIMfree team to verify that they won't be working with end users after all." Still no update on engadget.

The iphonesimfree strategy is very odd. They have aroused more suspicion by the way they have handled their so-called public relations. I want to believe they are for real. But there is too much of a bad smell about them.

So far, they have not given the software to any journalist to install themselves. Engadget/CNN unlocks have been done for them (supposedly in front of their eyes). Neither has been left with installable software.

Come on, iphonesimfree. If you're for real, let someone verify the final product properly.