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Discuss iPhones with problem: no software/hardware unlock works. at the General -; I have the same problem. I have unlocked like 5 phones, but I have one ...
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    Angry iPhones with problem: no software/hardware unlock works.

    I have the same problem. I have unlocked like 5 phones, but I have one phone that is not unlocking. I've tried everything: hardware unlock with needles, new free software unlock - nothing helps. Tried to reflash the baseband, to fully restore, tried like 5 times on PC and 5 times on Mac, from the beginning, with the new iTunes, with old iTunes, nothing helps - not hardware, not software. Everything goes perfect, just like in the instruction, but everything stucks on the last commands in minicom:


    gives me an ERROR

    and AT+CLCK="PN",2 gives me 1 instead of 0.

    I've tried to exit minicom, to load and unload commcenter, tried to run bbupdater -v again, I've tried the whole process with the SIM card and without it. Nothing helps.

    I saw a couple of people with the same problem here and on the IRC channel. But PRO people aren't willing to help us, probably they think we make some mistake during the process, but I'm a 100% sure there is some problem with some phones, it's hardlocked or something like that... I will really appreciate if somebody can help me...

    What is really sad is that 5 phones I've already unlocked was for my friends, and my own phone is like this, I can't unlock it. Already lost like 5 days fighting with it. Used all guides, steps, tips and tricks from all the instructions, forums, google and nothing helps... Literally every published tip has been used: lockdownd is on it's place, attributes are right, activated the right way, using files from the right firmware, but........ :-(

    One of this 5 phones I unlocked also gave me an ERROR with AT+CLCK="PN",0,"00000000" command, but next command gave me 0 and phone works perfectly. But my phone is just not unlocking... I've almost lost any hope...

    I've also tried new GUI unlock, it says complete and enjoy, but it doesn't work: no signal, no carrier menu. Tried to re-start. Tried to do it with SIM card and without SIM card. PIN-lock is disabled on the SIM-card. Tried to restore phone with iTunes completley, activated phone with independence, installed unlock - didn't work. Tried to activate it with iBrickr too - same thing. Running app with "auto-lock: never".

    IMEI number in the software is the same like in the box, so it was not changed by any software.

    Maybe somebody had the same problem and finally found a solution to it? Please post it here!

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    You couldn't have put it better deki--I am exactly where you are. These last few damned commands won't go through regardless of how often I restore or run bbupdate -v or reload the minicom or flash the baseband back to its original state. Is it possible that there is a hard lock mechanism after so many tries? That doesn't make much sense to me, but who knows. I only bought the phone a few days ago, so I could still theoretically return it and get a new, fresh out of the box one to try, but that's a hassle. Anyone with any ideas or work arounds? The amount of time I've lost doing this is ridiculous!



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