Iphone OOTB 1.0.2 upgraded to 1.1.1 and then to 1.1.2.

I have just restored 1.1.2 downgrading to a new 1.1.1 and then back to 1.1.2.

So, I think, this is like I had it when it was new, I mean without any other applicatios that do not come with the Iphone.

My problem starts because I was installing things like Summerboar, customize,... And after only 5 applications I recieved a "You are running out of space" message.

From the installer I erased all the applications leaving the Terminal, form there I did df -h and it says I have 12% empty space.

Used the boostool tool to send the applications to the other partition of the Iphone but I have still got only 12% of free space.

Via SSH I get in the Iphone looking for MediaOld like I read in some Forum, but nothing like that exists. I also seen that my Applications folder is only 12 Mb heavy.

Can someone help me??

(I've also looked for info using the Search tool, I always try to fix my problems trying to find help before asking)