Interesting issue or so it seems. I am a former iPhone cracked v1 user that has upgraded to a legitimate iPhone 3G.

My current voice/data plan with Orange supports Edge and I have asked them to activate the 3G which will be done on/about the 1st of August. Unwilling to use Edge in the past because of Orangeís abusive per Mbps rates, like others I used the Boss tool to deactive it. Upon occasion, I did activate it though and it worked perfectely.

Prior to migrating to my new phone, I synced my v1 phone which was running IPFW 2.0 at the time with Edge inactive and plugged in my new 3G Iphone and restored. The migration was a complete success. The only exception was with the 3G/Edge which would not activate.

Assuming that my Operator was in the process of doing some magic, I plugged in another SIM card that has 3G support, disactivated/activated 3G and waited. Still no 3G/Edge service.

Thus, the question which begs to be asked is whether or not iTunes stored and then transferred over any historical configuration information regarding my desire to have Edge inactive which has resulted in what Iím seeing now? Assuming that this is the case, what would the work around be? To Sync my iPhone with the 3G active and then restore?

Any thoughts?