So I just purchased a Refurbished 8GB Iphone from the Apple website and now I want to unlock it so I can use it on the US T-mobile network.

I have tried looking through the forums for help but I just couldn't really find the answers I was looking for but I probably know they were out there.

Anyways, what exactly do I do first to start the unlocking process, and btw I do not have ATT but the refurbished Iphone did come with a ATT Sim card.

And also I have the newest Itunes which is 7.4 yet I have read you need to start the unlock process, so is there a way around that?

Sorry since I know these have been asked before but I tried searching and wasn't sure how to search for them.

Also the iphone was just taken out of the box and is sitting in front of me on my windows computer. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance :-)