have an iPhone 3g 16gig and it is jailbroken with which i have a serious problem i and was really hoping that someone here can help me with. earlier today i had used sftp to put dungeon hunter in my "var/mobile/library/downloads" file then used installous to attempt to install it however i didnt realize how low i was on disk space and when i got a warning i hit the home button to try to get out of installous and nothing happened so i did a hard shut down well now every time i try to turn my phone on the apple logo comes up for a 30 seconds to a minute and then it shuts itself off. i thought possible the problem was that there was not enough disk space to start up and maybe i could somehow browse through my files in dfu mode and delete the files that were installed but i dont know for sure so i was hoping that maybe it is possible that someone knew what was wrong with it and second could tell me how to fix it without doing a restore causing me to lose all my files games and software that i havent backed up in a couple months