So i bought this iphone to provide me with something to tinker with. The LCD itself is vertically flipped, so that when you lay it side by side to a regular iphone, it looks like there is a mirror. The touch part doesn't seem to be affected by this, as the touch part works exactly like it should, despite the image below it being flipped. You slide it the same way to unlock it, you take the same place in the screen to get to settings.

so i wanted to know if there was a code in the General.plist that i can edit, or the LCD. I mean, its a simple Y axis invert/flip...however virginizing it and flahsing it to versions 1, 2 and 3 of the iphone OS do not work. Please help. I know its a software issue, as this doesn't sound like it could be hardware as everything works fine otherwise.

Phone is 3.0 and unlocked (JB) and is an 8 or 16gb first generation iphone.

Please help!