yeah, the title says it.

from time to time, my iPhone (1.0.1, activating used dvd jon) just stops accepting any input.
the iphone keeps working, plays music in ipod, the time goes on, everything just normal, but i cant press anybutton. not on/off, not home, not the mic-button on the earbuds, nothing.
i have to reboot it (at least this works).

i've done some things to my iPhone, installing SSH, some software via, modified some files, like the vibration file somewhere (its a .plist), and some .db (made me some fake conversation ).

but i couldnt think of anything that makes the input not working.

its really not a special pattern, sometimes its fine for the hole day, once it crashed within 15minute twice.

its not even always the same application, once i was writing an email and had to reboot (the mail was still saved even thoug the reboot which surprised me positively), sometimes while listening to the ipod, and just some minutes ago while setting a new alarm clock.

any ideas? i dont want to restore the whole iPhone, all the translations i've done (i'm translating some apps into german).