So I had my alarm set, custom ringtone, and went to bed last night. Set real alarm too, just in case.
Morning rolls around, big alarm goes off, wake up. I hear the iPhone alarm go off. The alarm sounds like it was running at double speed (possibly more).
I think "wtf" and set the alarm 1 minute later using a different ringtone. Same results, insanely fast alarm ringtone.
I open up the iPod menu and play an MP3 I know is slowish, speed increased as well.

It reverted back to normal after I cold booted the phone.
So can anyone explain exactly what happened to it?
It was sitting in the Apple Dock last night, dock not plugged in. I had the Wifi and when I checked the usage it said 6 hrs and 52 minutes, meaning the wifi (or something on the phone) was still "on" after I put it on standby.

I honestly just want an explanation so I could avoid this ever hapenning again.
I want to know I can trust the alarm on the phone to not f- up.