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Discuss iPhone mail application not working over wifi in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. Any suggestions? at the General -; Good day people. My name is Kofi Blades and I live in Trinidad and Tobago. ...
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    Exclamation iPhone mail application not working over wifi in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. Any suggestions?

    Good day people. My name is Kofi Blades and I live in Trinidad and Tobago. I tell you where I live because I think it is an important factor for the smooth running of my iPhone. At least with version 1.1.2 with the newer, smarter AppSupport.
    I was able to solve that AppSupport challenge with some patching, pntediting and creating some plist files that would have complimented the changes in the PhoneFormats folder.
    I want to discuss a problem that has been plaguing me since my 1.1.1 update.
    It is the iPhone's very own

    I have 4 email accounts on my iPhone:
    kofster dot com: POP3
    gmail dot com: IMAP4
    yahoo dot com: IMAP4
    aol dot com: IMAP4

    When I was using the iPhone at 1.0.2, the accounts were originally synced from my mail application on my laptop with the exception of the yahoo account. That yahoo account was created on the iPhone through the 'Mail' tab in the Settings application.
    I first used the mail application through wifi as I was home when I set it up and allowed the iPhone to use internet that I shared from the laptop's Wifi.
    Everything then worked okay.
    The only quirk I had was that my yahoo account never got any of the pushed emails while it was connected via wifi. However, when I was connected via EDGE, it got the pushed emails very quickly.
    I tried virginizing before the 1.1.1 upgrade but that didn't work. The files to be patched were not found so I resorted to iPhoneSIMFree 1.6 software solution.
    Email continued to work smoothly over EDGE but WiFi was another story.

    My yahoo account never fetched messages on the wifi...
    "Cannot Get Mail
    The connection to the server "" failed"

    So I did everything I thought would have worked.
    I did a soft reset where I reset all settings on the iphone through Settings>General>Reset. I did a reset all settings and erase all content and settings.
    That did not work either ater I put in my credntials again each time.
    I did a hard reset by holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the white Apple logo came up after the phone restarted.
    That did not work either. Instead, I got this message:
    "Yahoo! Account verification failed
    The IMAP server "" is not responding. Check Your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the "Incoming Mail Server" Field."
    After this point, I changed my account password and tried again in the iPhone. Still no go after that. However, the account verified normally when I used the EDGE connection. I didn't change the passwords for the other accounts because they work fine on my PowerBook's Mail application. I send and receive email from the accounts on my powerbook but on the iPhone, they time out. I even did a restore- restore to 1.1.1 then went to dfu mode, downgraded to 1.0.2, activated and jailbreaked and went into the special mode for upgrade and upgraded to 1.1.1. That did not work. With Yahoo, however, I was able to send via the wifi and I confirmed that the messages were actually sent by logging into my yahoo webmail.
    I was hoping that 1.1.2 would fix that but it actually got worse. Yahoo messages do not send anymore. Instead, they are saved to some "Outbox" on the iPhone and not on the server.
    They all work fine over EDGE though still.
    I have since recreated my email accounts on my iPhone with the assistance of EDGE. If there is nothing that anyone can do, I am hoping that leopard will be able me out when I upgrade this week. What I would appreciate though is if you can send me a copy of your and some preference files associated with wifi settings and directory locations so we can try a little experiment. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I tried downgrading to 1.0.2 and even 1.1.1 and failed everytime. It seems I am stuck on 1.1.2.
    Can someone please, send me a copy of their and the preference files so I can try to repair it seriously pray for me to help make my sweet Betty, once again, work to perfection.
    However, if there is anyone else who had this problem after using iPhoneSIMFree version 1.6 before updating to 1.1.1, I will appreciate a little help please. I know that the wifi antenna is not bad because EVERYTHING ELSE works with the wifi: Weather, maps, Stocks, YouTube, iTunes WiFi Store, Installer and Safari. They also work very well over EDGE.
    Like I said, anybody who thinks they can help me out, or not, I urge that you send me a copy of the Mail application and some preference settings or files related to wifi and let's see if we can get this beauty working! Please send them zipped to kofster at hotmail dot com. Thank you.
    Thank you good people, for your time and patience.

    17" PowerBook G4
    G4 PPC 1.67 Mhz processor
    Mac OS X 10.4.11

    8Gb iPhone
    unlocked my me on 1.0.2. ...iTunes 7.4.1
    Upgraded to 1.1.1 ...iTunes 7.4.1
    OtkoPrepped and upgraded to 1.1.1 and jailbreaked ...iTunes 7.5

    SMS OK
    YouTube OK
    Stocks OK
    Maps OK
    Weather OK
    iTunes WiFi Store OK
    Installer OK
    Safari: OK
    Mail; EDGE: OK, WiFi NO
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    First of all, its really not necessary to give out your email accounts, as it can be used for SPAM, and it has no further information that would help us solve your problem.

    Now if I understand you correctly, you are using WiFi sharing through your laptop? Can you otherwsie browse the internet from the iPhone?

    If so, I think there must be some firewalling, or port blocking. Is there a way for you to try it from another wireless access point somewhere? Maybe an internet cafe?

    Emails should work without a glitch through WiFi, and has nothing to do with the I think.



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    Cool Everything else works....

    Thanks Ben. First off, I didn't know that writing emails in that format will encourage spam. I will edit them: thanks. Umm, I am not sure about the port blocking because like I said, mail wires fine on my PowerBook and I have not changed any ports. Everything else works just great on WiFi like I mentioned before and that includes browsing on Safari, checking the market in Stocks, looking up climate and temperature changes in Weather, looking up locations in Maps, viewing movies in YouTube, checking out some tunes in the iTunes WiFi store and even Installer. I even tried using the WiFi at hotspots and that didn't even work. That is why I am resorting to trying to get a copy of the mail application to replace mine with. Want to help me out with a copy?



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