Good afternoon,

I feel bad for having to ask the below here, but due to my not paying attention earlier this has happened :

I have been using a 1.0.2 iphone with turbo sim for a while now.

I decided this morning to upgrade to 1.1.1 via iNdependance 1.2.5.

I had the phone all ready to update via itunes, however itunes said that my phone was the latest version, it wouldnt download and install 1.1.1.

I then remembered that I had not updated my iTunes, so I began to download the new itunes.

Here is where something went wrong, I decided to jailbreak my iPhone again ready to start the 1.1.1 update process again, however as it was jailbreaking I forgot that my iTunes was open - I closed, and the phone re-booted.

The phone is working fine, however now when I try to jailbreak in iNdependance it comes up with the following error :

error writing modified fstab to phone.

I presume the return to jail did not complete correctly.

iTunes now does not recognise the iPhone, it will only see it if I place the phone into recovery mode.

I did think about doing a restore - however I am not sure if this will restore to 1.1.1 or not ?

Anyone able to help ? If I restore and it does load 1.1.1, do I have to downgrade to 1.0.2 ?

Thanks in advance