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    Unhappy Iphone Issue, Help appreciated

    Hi People,

    Long time lurker - some really helpful people on here, was wondering if other could assist me?

    Wondering if some kind person could help me, I had a new iPhone which shipped with version 1.1.1 - I downloaded the new Independence 1.2.3 - and followed the instructions to downgrade the firmware to 1.0.2 - thought everything was going well, but got an error that the Jail Break failed - not sure why? Anyway - the phone has this really strange issue where by it takes an ages to boot up, and when it finally does boot up and you get to the screen asking you to activate the phone - the screen kind of locks up - in the sense that the bottom animation "slide for emergency" stops animating and the screen is unresponsive - i.e I can't click on the "i" to get the imei numbers or do the slide to unlock for emergency - really weird.

    Things I have tried:

    Entering DFU mode and doing a restore back to 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 - I notice that it doesn't matter which firmware I use - I still get the unresponsive screen - and the animation stops - please note I am positive that the screen isn't at fault - as I would expect the slide animation to continue - please note it does start the animation briefly then suddenly stop!?!?

    Once I have restored I have tried using AppTapp - and selecting the 1.0.2 firmware - it looks as though its working - then an error pops up regarding BootStrap faile - see console log, which can be seen here:

    Using 009-7698-4.dmg as the Ramdisk Image.
    Using kernelcache.release.s5l8900xrb as the Kernel Cache.
    Architecture: i386

    Stage 0: 0 Looking for iPhone...
    Could not enable SSL
    Stage 1: 1 Sending preliminary files...
    Oct 18 00:39:03 xxxxxxxx /Users/xxxxxx/Desktop/AppTapp Could not perform SSL handshake\n
    Stage 1: 2 Entering recovery mode...
    Stage 2: 3 Sending boot files...
    Stage 2: 4 Booting iPhone in recovery mode...
    Stage 3: 5 Waiting for iPhone to finish booting (5 seconds)...
    Stage 3: 6 FilesystemCheck 1...
    Failed: (6) RecoveryFileSystemCheck: Operation FilesystemCheck failed

    Anybody have any idea?

    One interesting thing to not was that I tried iBricker in windows - and even though the interface stops responding I was able to JailBreak the phone and be able to navigate the phone folder structure - so this proves the phone does work - I could also add ringtones and wallpapers. Note independence - status says that the firmware is 1.02, not activated, AFC Connection, jailbroken

    So, im really stumped, this thing is slow to boot, kinda locks up after a brief bit of animation of the "slide for emergency" and then becomes unresponsive - yet is still jailbroken and can be navigated via ibricker

    Please note this phone has never been unlocked previously.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Hmm...I would try to upgrade to 1.1.1 again.

    [EDIT] Guess you have already tried upgrading. Well, get it back to 1.1.1 and take it back to an Apple store.
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    I think you should post your question in the iphone - unlocking forum. You may be able to get more responses there. The unlocking forum is very active.
    since your phone is 1.1.1 and never been unlocked (meaning the baseband has not been touched), please go to the unlocking forum. The latest AnySim 1.1 can do unlock your iphone without messing up the seczone on the baseband. Please go there before it's too late.



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