Hi, I have an OTB 1.1.2 BL4.06. I have activated the phone & im using
it as a Itouch as the sim features are not unlocked as yet. I have
synced my iphone with itunes & uploaded music & photos on to it. Since
the past few days i have noticed that my computer & Itunes have
stopped recognising my iphone. Whenever i use the cable & try to sync
it,nothing happens, it is not detected by both computer & itunes. I have another
Iphone which when connected to the same computer, itunes & thru the
same cable is detected.

Also, when i use the power charges my iphone charges while when i use
it thru the USB cable it does not charge as well.

Do you think it is a software error or has the pins under the iphone
got damaged? I have used this iphone with a ipod docking station, has
this caused the problem??

Can anyone solve this problem.