Hi all, dont know if i have posted in the correct place.. but here goes
I have a 2g iphone and was all working well until my son dropped on floor.And is now stuck on itunes screen The pc i originally synced on is no more... I have tried to restore on 7.5 8.2 and later itunes but with no success .. I have no idea what OS it was on b4 as my kids claimed it and im pretty sure my daughter said she had updated it. i Have downloaded 1.14 firmware and have put my phone in dfu mode but as soon as i try to shift and click restore the phone disappears from itunes. it will only let me shift click restore when i connect in recovery mode then it goes through process of extracting software then gives error and quits..i have tried other laptops etc but no joy..my operating system is windows vista 32 bit ..when i tried to update another version i got the progress bar and spinning wheel and after 30 mins still nothing...is there a point where i should think this phone is dead and give up???
many thanks and await any help at all x also forgot to mention when attach to iphones in the summary its says n/a for all except sometimes the imei and when a diagnostic through itunes is performed it says no iphone connected??