I am having on-going issues trying to restore a iPhone 3GS to it's original settings. I keep getting Error code 2009.

Details are as follows:-

iTunes version
iPhone OS version - 5.1.1
Platform - Windows Vista
OS Version SP2
Log file is located here.......2012-06-30 23:01:47.208 [5008:1354]: restore library built May 14 2012 at 19:16: - Pastebin.com

On occasions, I can get the restore past the usual point where is would generate the error message, which then gives me the Apple logo on my phone, before iTunes then stops working (usual "something went wrong, checking for solutions Vista message).

I have tried all of the suggested solutions on the Apple support site but to no avail, after several attempts still getting the error message or hanging issue with iTunes.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks