Why did I fiddle with my phone - now it is bust!

Ok so this was a perfectly good working 3gs on ios 3.1.3 with 05.12.something baseband. I jailbroke through jailbreakme.com. Then I ultrasnowed through Cydia. Then out of curiosity installed Fuzzyband through Cydia and got the option to upgrade my baseband to 05.13.04 which I did. AFter doing a power down and turn on it is now stuck in recovery mode.

Since then I have tried installing cooked roms 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2.1. I've tried the same original roms. Tiny Umbrella no longer sees my device, but does have it listed as a recent device. Tried redsn0w of varying versions, l1mera1n.exe, ibrickr.

iTunes only sees the phone as 'iPhone' with no model, serial or capacity etc.

I can force it into dfu mode but none of the above works.

Last night as a last resort I tried upgrading to 5.0.1 through iTunes 10.5.1, but even that failed. On reboot after installing the ios it reverted back to recovery mode.

Now I don't really know what my baseband is or my ios because none of the tools above can tell me.

Yep all my fiddling has probably totally broken it, but any help would be appreciated.