Hi everybody,

I would appreciate a bit of help since I am in a non-supported 2G country.

My wifi does not work anymore. I am on a pwned 2.1 and only since this weekend it does not manage to see wifi while my laptop sees and joins it perfectly. Only after a itunes-restore/reboot/network-settings-reboot (which I have performed several times) the phone manages to see and join a wifi for seconds. Then the wifi sign disappears, internet does not work and keeps on searching for wifi connections but never finds it.

I am affected by the wifi issue that requires apple support?
What should I try before (thinking of) going to London?
Will a 2.0.2 restore do any good?

I am in Belgium and here the 2G is not supported, so if it is broken I have to go to London this month before the warranty expires.

Thanks a lot,