Hello All,

I am facing a problem with my iphone 2G 8GB (1.1.2 OOB).
Couple of days back I upgraded the phone to 2.2.1.
Wifi worked for around 10 hours in total (not continuous) and after then the signals start to degrade.
After that the phone dropped the SSID as well and never found it back.
It is Linksys WRT54G firmware/HW version 7 (so no third party firmware like DD-WRT are possible for troubleshooting).
The WiFI is working on Mixed mode b/g with simple WEP security.
Linksys configuration has been working since 2years with my linksys desktop card, Intel, Marvel, Realtek Wifi in laptops.
The phone had been working with this configuration since 2007 Dec. until the day I upgraded it on 2.2.1

Troubleshooting done:
1. Upgraded the OS to 3.0 no go
2. downgraded back to 2.2.1 no go
on 2.2.1:
3. remove WEP from wifi no go
4. configure SSID in phone no go
5. changing channels no go previously it has been working on channel 11
I have no WiFi card with promiscuous mode to capture the signals from the phone. I will try to get my hands on some wifi catcher to check if there is something coming out of the phone or not.

However, after reading the post of ScottieWill I kept the phone in a zip lock pouch in the freezer for 10 min. and the WiFi worked for around 5 min. after that the SSID got dropped.
I tested this phenomenon today as well and it provide the relation between temperature and the wifi.

Does anybody else facing the same problem?

PS: I tried searching on the forum for similar problem however it seems that the search was down. My apologies for the repeat post and start a new thread.