Now that 1.1.1 is unlocked and the DevTeam are working on a "virginizing" app some things crossed my (feeble) mind.

1. I like my apps ie Summerboard (especially the scrolling dock), iSwitcher, Customize (1.09).....ect. I don't really want to loose them.

2. I would like to have the double click home button and the video out, but could care less for the WiFi iTunes or the Starbucks app.

3. 1.0.2 will eventually become obsolete and application development will cease.

After some thought, I think I should wait for the dust to settle, stay with 1.0.2, virginize when an app become available, unlock with the new anysim, and wait until most of the apps are ported to 1.1.1. before updating.

I apologize if this is a useless thread but any comments would be helpful in making this decision.