iOS Man is Your Best friend in iOS Devices...Why?!

If you Look around this section you will count about 10000... Questionlike this:

my iphone is 3G and it has firmware version 3.0.0 how to jailbreak?

my iphone 2G with firmware 3.1.3 how to jailbreak and unlock?

my ipod touch 3g has firmware 4.0.0 how to jailbreak??

my ......etc

And one more thing ... As we can see there are many programs and mony versions of some of them , each one support one or more version of iOS firmwares so some people will get confused ... Right??

This Small in Size Big In Help Program gives you and gives a lot of Friends a very easy way to get what they need to know in one click ( maybe two clicks ).

So easy to use Just select your iOS Device then get all you need to know.

as it is the first version so please test it and let me know about anything need to be fixed .

I Hope All friends help me in this to keep it up to date with latest info.

Good Flashing For All