Hi! i ve got the old version of iTunes 7.3.2 and i want to update to 7.4.1 what am i supost to do, prior to connect the iPhone and jailbreak it with the iNdependence 1.1.1 i have to update to 7.4.1 or not? I think i have already jailbreak my iPhone, i dont remember i think i have done it because i am using the Installer App and to use it i Think i have to Jailbreak, if i connect it and its already jailbreak it and i have installed old versions of jailbreak in the iPhone and from the installer, the new itunes wont make anything to it ? the iNdependence 1.1.1 brings on it all the necesary stuff like the jailbreak and all that on it or i have to download a new version of jailbreak and overwrite the older one that i have got in the phonedmg?

Thanks in Advantage!!