When hacking my phone down to 1.1.1 I got the error message that I was using an incorrect sim even though it was the stock AT&T sim card I had in there, with AT&T service. I had successfully hacked my phone to rup apps and have 1.1.2. But no service, which I guess is common. I tried to restore my phone and now I have no locked. I tried to deactivate it and now my iphone doesn't show up in itunes and independence crashes everytime it tries to detect the phone. Is there any other way to restore the phone without using either of these tools. I have read all the re-virginizing tutorials and they require either itunes or independence to work.

Also, is there a way to get to the icons screen on the phone through emergency call mode. I know how to get into my settings by using prefs://11, but I can get to the home screen.