I remeber when iTunes v7.4 was released one could do these steps below to import a ringtone onto the iphone:

First, follow the steps of the original method

Create your ringtone, save it as an AAC file.
Rename the m4a extension to m4r.
Double-click to play in iTunes.

I recently purchased an iphone and it caem with 1.1.1 and i've not had any luck unlocking, to be honest there are so many steps involved, its sorta tideous and hard for me.

and so using this iteuns 7.4 method appeals to me, i tried but still no luck and I wonder is it because i have 1.1.1 and it denies it?
i convert the mp3 file to aac then rename it but itunes wont do it, it seems the ringtones only applies to files i actually d/l from itunes.
is there a way to fool into thinking it was d/l from itunes?

i'd rather not unlock the iphone and instead thry this method using 7.4 to import ringtones, can anyone shed any light on how to make it work pls?