I was thinking this might be a good general area for people to talk about getting the AVIC-D3 and iPhone to transfer the Address Book.

The current idea I was having was this....

It seems the AVIC-D3 identifies different phones from their Bluetooth MAC address. This means that though you might be able to sync a Contact book with a Windows Mobile (which the Pioneer can talk to), you will not be able to use that with the iPhone because its a different MAC. So I was thinking, does anyone know of a way to change the Bluetooth MAC address of the iPhone, or possibly the Bluetooth MAC of a Windows Mobile so that when you sync from the WM device the AVIC will think your iPhone is the same device, (and give you access to the phonebook)
I know that the MAC is really part of the chip's hardware, but like most NICs and Routers, you may be given the change to change the visible MAC, which is all we would need here.

General Note: I'm not sure the AVIC is using MAC, this is kind of a guess so don't hold me to it. It might be a combination of things that identify the device.