I installed the 1.1.3 DEV update a few days ago, everything was working fine until this morning when I found that every time I try to load either iCal or SMS it seems to begin loading and then after a second or two it exits. This is also happening with the 3rd party app SMSD, but all other apps are running fine (at least the ones I've tried). The only thing I can think of that I've done between the last time I remember these apps working and when they stopped is that I used the BossTool app to move my apps, fonts, and ringtones to the larger partition. When I did this all the apps that disappeared after I did the 1.1.3 update reappeared.

Doe anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I'm totally at a loss, and I tried running iNdependance to do a recovery, but it says 1.1.3 is not supported