HI all,

I have bricked my iPhone. tried all tricks in the book. the only thing i'm getting is an error 6 on 3 PCs with 2 different cables on two operating systems (mac and windows). tried DFU and non DFU.

i also made a diagnostic with iBooter. When i run any md command it returns that all memory addresses are 0. Also when running iLiberty+ in windows (i tried in mac also but in mac it does not see my iPhone) i get errors regarding firmware being unknown or HFS partitioning errors.

Another thing i tried with iLiberty is booting from the ramdisk in the 1.1.4 firmware. It boots the iPhone and the i get the BSD loop error. None of the posted solutions work.

Any ideas on this situation? Please don't advise about restoring in DFU mode because i have tried that about a million million times.

Thank you.