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Discuss "i Haz success:" New iPhone 1st gen at the General -; Hey guys So let me give you a break down of what happend the past ...
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    Default "i Haz success:" New iPhone 1st gen

    Hey guys

    So let me give you a break down of what happend the past few days, if you care

    I have not had an iphone for a while, 3 months actually and have been on my blackberry for a while. It has been on its' last limbs, with the ball nearly falling off, but its done its job quite well. Thanks RIM...back to the matter at hand.

    So, I met someone in my college group who had a 1st generation iPhone. He said he got it back in August, as a replacement, when his first one broke. It was in pretty good condition, except it had a fatal issue, which he "was not aware about"
    The Wi-Fi was crappy. In fact, it wont connect/disconnect/connect/disconnect etc to a close(encrypted) network non-stop. I found trouble placing it stable. It worked well on unsecured networks, but problem is most of the places i am (college+home) are all closed networks, so i was at quite a tight spot. He sold it to me "unaware," or so he says, of this issue. Luckily my sister has ATT. I signed her up for the 3G phone...anyways,i was really close to either a) returning the phone to the asswipe, thus making him return his new 3g with that 20% restocking fee and me getting my money back or b) sending it to Ta_mobile, who could swap the wifi module without an issue. But alas, i decided to take it to the apple store, playing dumb obviously. I took it to the apple store to talk to a "genius," or so he calls himself. he had a look at it and it, as predicted, joined the unsecured access point. I them went on to explain how i am an att customer and that this was beyond stupidity. he then made his own secure network and tried to connect. it connected but disconnected and so on. after 5 minutes of chit-chat, he plugged it into his laptop, ran a diagnostics tool to, what i assume, make sure it is not unlocked. i saw a white diagnostics page which read the iphone and had a bunch of check-marks next to each "question," more like a checklist kind of thing.
    he gave me a new iphone 1st gen and now the wifi is perfect. im flashing the baseband as we speak but i gotta say, i HATE ERROR 21 AND 1600. seriously man wtf?

    oh and i didnt have the att sim in the phone, i just told him im an att customer....didnt ask my sister's number.

    point being: buy an iphone from a person that has att and that WANTS to keep the att # as the phone will be registered to that person.

    Anyways...just thought id share.

    Im 300 poorer but happy with a new, battery improved 1st gen unlockable iphone

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    I love it when story has a happy ending
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    I feel happy for yo
    Welcome to the World of iPhone!
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    Yo N41,
    Very happy to hear that you got it straighten out. I guess our plan worked :-).
    I wonder what diagnostic tool he used. Were you able to look his screen completely ?
    I'm surprise that they still have new 1st gen iphone :-).
    Dude, that 1600 is simply DFU and Restore mode .... :-).

    Now you have an iphone again. Ready to rock ??
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