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Discuss I have some questions about the iPhone! at the General -; Hello, I was wondering how i can set an mp3 ringtone, using SendSong. WHen i ...
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    Default I have some questions about the iPhone!


    I was wondering how i can set an mp3 ringtone, using SendSong. WHen i got to Installer and i check all my packages, i find 1 SendSong but the description says "send songs thru email".. I need a programe that would allow me to put mp3 songs for ringtones when i get an sms or when someone is calling me.

    +how am i able to get a full movie to the iphone?.. I have a number of series and i would like to watch them. is there a programe for that??

    +is there any possibillity to get programes into folders so thre would be such a mess, or at least sort it by name? ex. all games into the "Games" folder

    + is it possible to upload funny things ex. iBeer to the iPhone using iDemocracy or iTunes? Same goes for themes. is it possible to upload them using those progs..? I have some themes on my comp and i would like to have them on the phone.

    if anyone has any cool sources, also.. Please, share!

    Thanks for the answers, would help me a lot!
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    about mp3's as ringtones try this:
    Step 1. Patch the MeCCA

    Download the patched MeCCA from:

    (remove the underscores from the URL above)

    Put it to /System/Library/Frameworks/MeCCA.framework/ folder (replace the old file). Reboot iphone to make it active.

    Step 2. Create your ringtones

    Use iTunes to convert sound file to AAC (.m4a), then rename the converted file to:


    Notice: there must be a space before .m4r, so, a ringtone named MyRing.m4a should be renamed to MyRing .m4r.

    Upload the renamed ringtone file to /Library/Ringtones, it appears in Settings->Sounds->Ringtones list immediately.

    1. The customized ringtones will not conlifct with your paid ones cuz of the space (iTunes will remove any trailing spaces in the filenames)
    2. Yes, it survives after sync

    I'm using Xilisoft iPhone Video Converter to convert avi files to m4v and then I send it to the iphone via iTunes.
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