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I wouldnt mess with the service phone if i was you. If you screw that up - they will probably charge you. If you cant use it without hacking it - then leave it alone till you get yours back or a new one. Its bad enough you updated to 1.1.1 when you should have known better, but to mess with the "courtesy" phone is just stupid.

Oh and the reason I left other iphone forums was because of all the immature lame ass comments. If you can't be nice, then don't post at all, but please just grow up people. I dont want to see hackint0sh go the same way as the other forums. I hope I am right in thinking people here are a bit more mature.
Hehe, sorry. I tend to reserve my maturity for those people whom I actually meet, so I have to let it out somewhere. ;P

Anyway, We still appear to be receiving conflicting messages here. On one hand, the OP says he's getting a lender phone that he thinks he's going to hack (!), on the other hand, he says that Apple acknowledged the fact that his phone was hacked. I would tend to assume that, as of right now, his status is either one or the other, not both. If he's getting a lender, his phone is being repaired, and all will be well. If he got bounced, then he's screwed. Hate to be so cut and dry, but judging from past experience on this thread, that's the way it is.