sorry about my english on my earlier post.

i got a iphone to work with a existing pick your plan account. i called up many times and they said that itunes does not support existing pick your plan customers that i was to reactivate.

so i was left with one of two options Jailbreak, or create a new account.

well i added my imei and the original sim card to my account i thought i would give it a try (it didn't work)

then i stuck my old deactivated sim card into the iphone and proceeded with the activation
i entered 531-56-8903 as my ss. (fake)
and i left a working number.
it said i AT&T needed addition time to process my order

well the next day i got a call from a 610 number
i answered she said she was from AT&T and was calling about my iphone activation and that i needed a new sim card. i told her i already had a active account and that just to forget about it. she asked for my existing account number and pass-code and said everything was alright and she wasn't gonna touch anything.

later that day i was getting charged $0.15 a min. instead of $0.133. i called 611 and it said my plan was the $29.99 plan with the iphone bundle.

so as soon as i got home (i was all excited) i plugged and and tried to activate no luck the same old message your account can not be used. so i called up and got my account changed back.

then i tried to activate later that night with the active sim card in and i entered the same info as above. and it said att needs more time to process my account.

so i went to sleep.
woke up 3 new e-mails
1st one "you need to fund your account"
2nd one "congrats. your account has been funded"
3rd one "thank you for registering"

so i plugged it in
it said checking funds
it also change my plan

then the iphone said iphone is activating.....

and now customer support states there is no way you could do that sir.
and i told them what happen they said the itunes software does not support that.
and they then state they are gonna check my payments and every-time they hang up