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Discuss How Was My Phone Unlocked?? at the General -; hi please dont string me up if this has already been covered i have searched ...
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    Default How Was My Phone Unlocked??

    please dont string me up if this has already been covered
    i have searched but cant find the info i need

    i bought my phone back in oct it was already unlocked and runs 1.0.2
    i have been really happy with it.
    it has never let me down and does everything want it to do.
    ive never tried updating as i didnt want to brick it
    however there is quite a few apps that are being released that wont
    work on my 1.0.2
    the problem is when i have read about upgrading the phone it seams to depend
    on how it was first unlocked. i have no idea how this was done??
    is there a way to tell how it was done?
    also whats the easiest way to get from 1.0.2 to 1.1.3?

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    Simplest way, assuming that you can still contact them, is ask the person you bought it from
    Rgds.. Tim

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    a colleague I know as a case a bit like yours... His phone is on FW 1.0.2 and they didn't tell him how it has been unlocked.

    By checking some stuff and chatting with people here the conclusion is:
    to have at least a clue on how the thing has been unlocked (if you can't contact the seller) is to check what WEEK, baseband and bootloader your phone is.

    The week will already give you a hint on what FW the phone was when bought (OTB). Example, a Week 50 most probably was a 1.1.2 with BL 4.6, unlockable only by HW or *SIM

    Then go into Settings / About and check for the baseband version. If you read 4.2.13G then your phone was a 1.1.2 OTB. High chances for it to be (or have been) a 4.6 bootloader.

    Install "Hardware Info" from the Installer (add Trejan source to it if you didn't before). The application "Hardware Info" will show you a lot of usefull info, especially your Baseband and bootloader version.
    Check there your bootloader version.

    3.9 means your phone has been unlocked via software. AnySim or IPSF. Maybe after HW unlock to replace bootloader 4.6 with 3.9
    4.6 means that you're either using a Turbosim (or Turbosim clone) or that your phone has a Turbosim clone (XSim maybe) soldered inside

    In these two last cases, your pretty safe to follow a procedure where they talk about a 1.1.2 OTB (after clean update to 1.1.1, jb etc to 1.1.2)... Maybe to do a revirginise but on this matter I'll let somebody more experienced than me to cover this point.

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