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    Default How to get your ToDos from iCal/Mail to your iPhone

    It is not possible to sync your iCal/Mail ToDos on to your iPhone. This has been heavily critizised and is by many seen as a major problem.

    But there is a workaround that makes it possible to at least read your ToDos on your phone. This is still under testing. You need an IMAP account that is set up on your iPhone and in Mail. You can, if you're lucky, drag ToDos from the list in Mail to your IMAP account and a new ToDo subfolder will be created.

    I couldn’t by any way drag or create a subfolder to the ToDos in Mail (the same manner as Notes or actually any IMAP subfolder). What I did was I opened the Mail folder in Finder at /User/me/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/ and duplicated the Notes.mbox folder that I could see was syncing to my IMAP account. I renamed it Todos.mbox and removed all messages. Now in Mail, under the Todo icon, there was a subfolder with the same name as my IMAP account! After syncing with my iPhone I could see the longed Apple Mail Todo” Folder.

    My ToDos looks pretty shitty on the iPhone though, maybe because of my ugly workaround, because the todo is in the subject field and above is a bold (No Sender) field where the sender is in all mails.

    Hopefully someone will make sure this works better, and is easier to set up, and inshallah, maybe we can even start using them as todos on the iPhone, yeah, maybe even editing would be possible one beautiful day. An interesting observation: if I open a Todo item in my webmail, I can read all the information that my iPhone shows as a mime-attachment - notes, due date, contacts, priorities, calendar etc…

    I hope someone finds out how to parse this information - my dream would be a native app in IPhone for ToDos!

    You can read a little bit more about this on HawkWings where I found it this was possible:
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    hmm, i tried to reproduce what you did, but all *.dbox files in /User/me/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/ are archive-only - how did you set up a mailbox to sync with your imap folders in /User/me/Library/Mail/MyIMAP?



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