first of all if you are thinking about buy from china dont all iphones there are copys not orginal i must admit some are very good copys but at the end of the day it is still a copy ok if your paying less then $70 and just want one for yourself to see how many people you can convince that it a real one but not to sell as orginal i myself buy and sell both iphones and ipods orginal ones that is and i have had my share of fakes and people trying to sell me 32gb 3gs for $200 that price you can only dream of i am not a huge company but do have a far amount of stock which i have built up i am willing to sell and do some wholesale but my prices are not $200 but there are sensible drop me a email at we can talk about orders and any help you may need to do with iphone and ipod

thanks for reading hope to be of help to you guys out there