when using the vertically oriented keyboard on my iphone, none of the bottom row keys work ("123","space","return") or they type the key directly above them as if the mapping of the keyboard is skewed. has anyone else had this problem? did you solve it somehow?

NOTE: I already know about the issues some people were seeing with areas of the screen completely not responding to touch (hardware dead spots) - i do not have this problem. My screen's touch sensitivity is working correctly all the time. this appears to be software related.

details on this problem:
when using any instance of the vertically oriented keypad on my iphone, the bottom row of keys ("123","space","return") are no longer clickable, or they will sometimes fire off whatever key is directly above, (i.e "up arrow, z,x,c,v,b,n,m,delete). but, in say safari for example, if i cancel text entry in the vertical orientation, then rotate to landscape and use the horizontal keyboard instead, all keys then work fine. Its also important to know that in all other cases, this bottom area of the screen responds fine to touch sensitivity (springboard buttons, etc all work fine). the problem is that some places like sms, you cant get a horizontal keyboard to show up so i cant just avoid using the vertical keyboard.

tried restarting phone, tried updating fw to 1.1.1 then 1.1.2. its still there. tried setting up as a new phone (not using the backup of phones information). nothing gets rid of it.

Anyone have any thoughts (besides going to the genius bar or sending my phone in - i know about those options)?

thanks in advance!