Hello iphone community :
i have a few questions about the iphone but first let me explain the situation.
i live in Qatar ( middle east ) and i bought an iphone 3 days ago, an unlocked one. every thing works fine youtube, gprs, etc... suddenly i got tempted to upgrade to a newer firmware, 1.1.1 to be precise. so i started looking at different tutorials and first thing most of them ask you to do is to check your current version, so i did it and this is what i found:

firmware version: 1.0.2
Modem Version : 04.02.13_G
Boot Loader version: 3.9
IMEI : its normal i mean its not the 0049xxx IMEI problem.
i also checked the week of construction in the serial number and its week 44.
i have also no idea how the phone was unlocked (AnySim or something else)
My System is OS X 10.5.1 and iTunes 7.5

after some googling i found out that my iphone is a hybrid one i mean that the firmware version doesn't match the modem version which is supposed to be 03.14.08_G in order to verginize the phone and make an OOB.

so my question is what to do in order to update to 1.1.1 or even 1.1.2 if its possible.
Thank you in advance , i would really appreciate any help on the subject because i am getting more and more confused with all the tutorials i read.