someone help me wth this one.

just noticed that my camera on the iphone does not work anymore. i dont use it often, so i just noticed. i have done lots of software modding as well as changing the backcover to all black. i know i have probably not damaged the camera itself though, since its on the main assembly on the phone, which i didnt even touch when i changed the backcover. i did remove the cable connecting the cover from the assembly, but as far as i know i never even touched the camera components.

if i click camera, the black background umbrella comes up normally, but when it dissapears, its all black. no image. the folder button on the bottom left corner is active, pressing it takes me to camera roll images. However, the "take image" buttom on the bottom center is dead, cannot click it. if i tilt the phone, it changes position normally, but it does not respond to touch. shouldnt it turn blue when you click it, dont remember.....

im starting to think i have accidently deleted some png file in the camera folder or something, but what?? ohh yeah, if i go to camera roll, the "take image" in the bottom center is as dead as it was in camera mode. im thinking file missing, or permission invalid, help??? (once i accidently deleted info.png, in the folder. i misstook it for icon.png that i was going to change, what happend was that the I, as in add locations dissapeard weirdly, took me forever to figure out what it was)

howver, i have downloaded the stock files and replaced the whole app folder chmodding properly at 0755. i have even restored twice, but hte problem wont go away. Did i destroy it somehow in the back cover installation? if so why? and how?

i just ordered a replacement camera used from for around $50 dollar, it should be here in a few days. I can resend it back to them if i can figure out the oprobolem until then, might it be software related after all??

anyone have any ideas about this, please help me if you can.