Hey everyone. i bought an iphone about a couple weeks ago. It was version 1.1.2.
after a couple days from buying it my buddy jail breaked it for me with no problems whatsoever. from that time ti'll yetserday the phone was working like a a gem, untill today...

Befor i go on let me tell you that the phone has never been dropped and has never seen its day out of a protected silicone specific case. It also has a anti-scratch reflector prefessionally installed with NO bubbles anywhere.

So i come back from work and i turn on my iphone to check my emails. Problem was i was not able to scroll down anymore. Even worse was when i turned it off and returned it back on. it showed the apple picture and then black and white lines moving up and down the screen. it stayed a good 20 minutes like that and was not able to do anything to shut it off. then it came to life again and i still was not able to scroll.

Funny thing is that i was able to go left to right on the home screen to my other icons. any app i enter i can't scroll nor press any buttons.

Has anyone had the same problem? PLease Help.
It would be greatly appreciated. thanks